Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming Giveaway; Blogger Opportunity

Hello Sister Bloggers and Business's!
Sweet and Sour Deals is hosting a LeapPad 2 Giveaway!
Bloggers: We are giving away FREE Facebook or Twitter links to those who create an announcement post found HERE (It's just like the one that you're currently reading). If you wish to not make this announcement post you can pay via PayPal--see form for details.
Business's: Please Pay $5 ( You are not eligible for the FREE link Sorry), your business will be a COMMENT option in the giveaway which the readers will be prompted to visit your website and to come back and tell us which product they would like to buy - OR - IF you have a Facebook you can include your business Facebook link in the RC.
We are also offering 4 Co-host Spots for $10 each.
Co-host spots feature:
- A Follow Page (perfect for boosting your website traffic and lowering your alexa rank!)
- Up to 4 FREE Links on the RC with your Facebook link being one of the first entries
- AND A Backlink to the giveaway HTML
If you would like to purchase more links in this giveaway they are $1 Each we are allowing (Facebook, Twitter & Pintrest)
Once we reach the amount needed we will close this opp and launch immediately. The goal is launch on 2/1/2013 but that all depends on how quickly we receive our signups.
To Sign up go HERE

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